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Downeast Marine Towing

Downeast Marine Towing, LLC specializes in limited coastwise towing operations along the coast of Maine.  We have an area of operation between Boston Massachusetts, USA to Aulac, New Brunswick, Canada. 

Maine Towboat

Why Downeast Marine Towing LLC?

With changes in towing vessel regulations brought about by 46 CFR Subchapter M available towing vessels to service  Maine have been reduced to larger towing vessels requiring higher day rates out of southern or mid-coast Maine.


Downeast Marine Towing offers a smaller vessel with a shallower draft out of Eastport that can service areas that larger vessels cannot.


With a smaller vessel with local crewing; services can be tailored to reduce costs to the customer rather than being required to set a day-rate that reflects operational costs for a transient larger vessel with a larger crew.

Limited Coastwise towing services covering from Aulac New Brunswick to Boston, MA


Towing Vessel Sea Lark Particulars:
Length: 44’ Beam: 15’ Draft: 5’ Air Draft: 15’
Tonnage: 18 GRT/ 12 Net Tons
Horsepower: 400
Rated Bollard pull: 4 Tons

Who We Are

Midcoast First Aid
Midcoast First Aid

Provides comprehensive basic first aid and CPR training as well as USCG approved medical courses in the Mid-Coast Maine area. Midcoast First Aid was started in 2007 to provide comprehensive basic first aid and CPR training as well as United States Coast Guard approved medical courses in the Mid-Coast Maine area.

Downeast Maritime, Inc.
Downeast Maritime, Inc.

Downeast Maritime Inc a private, innovative mariner training facility teaching United States Coast Guard Approved

Downeast Chandlery & Marine Services, LLC
Downeast Chandlery & Marine Services, LLC

Located east of Bar Harbor in Downeast Washington County, Maine, we specialise in connecting vessels of all types and sizes with local shoreside solutions, vendors, technicians, and transportation


Interested in Downeast Maritime Towing Services?

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